Robert Kelso
Robert Kelso: counselling and psychotherapy
Robert Kelso: counselling and psychotherapy

Robert Kelso, counselling and psychotherapyI am an accredited counsellor/psychotherapist offering a confidential, therapeutic service to individuals and couples in Dorset. My original training was psychodynamic, but now I work integratively. I have extensive experience providing short and long-term therapy tailor-made to the needs of the individual. I am based in Milton Abbas, between Dorchester and Blandford.

Why have counselling/psychotherapy?

  • To learn how to minimise worry, anxiety and/or depression
  • To develop better relationships at home and/or work
  • To become assertive – not passive/aggressive
  • To allow the expression of appropriate angry feelings
  • To prevent addictions and obsessive compulsions (OCD)
  • To enable victims of abuse to survive and thrive
  • To learn how to overcome feelings of shame and self-loathing
  • To interpret psychosomatic symptoms and eliminate health anxiety
  • To develop the ability to manage the symptoms of trauma including post traumatic stress
  • To become more self-aware and confident
  • To understand and manage better your relationship with food


How do I work?

The most important factor is being able to form a trusting relationship, so we can talk about those difficult, uncomfortable things you might have been avoiding. For instance, you might feel unable to say how angry and frustrated you are with people in your life. Expressing that anger appropriately can be liberating. You might feel sad, withdrawn and stuck. Exploring and understanding why you feel like this can free you to make important, life-changing decisions.


How do you know I am qualified to work with you?

I am accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the largest UK body providing accreditation for counsellors and psychotherapists. BACP ensures that only properly trained and monitored practitioners are included on their register. I also have a psychology degree and an MA in integrative psychotherapy. I have a WPF certificate in supervision, and I’ve worked as a therapist in Dorset for over 25 years.


How much do I charge?

My usual fees are £50 for a 60 minute session. I do offer reduced rates in certain circumstances.


Will we set a time limit?

If you come with a single problem, we can agree to set a time limit of, say, six to ten weekly sessions. As a couple, you might have intimacy difficulties and I might suggest having a fixed number of sessions and then reviewing our progress to see what else you want to address. You might have more than one issue and we may then agree to work open-ended and have a review after a couple of months to see how far we've got and what else you want to achieve.


When am I available?

I see people at home in Milton Abbas and I am co-ordinator for the Salisbury diocese counselling service.


To make an appointment or to have an informal chat to find out if I can be useful, please phone me on (01258) 881550 or email.